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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Highlights from Our 12 Hour Day at The Perth Royal Show 2014

Our family had the most Amazing Day at the Perth Royal Show this year!  We were on a mission to complete the entire Yellow Brick Road, see the Racing and Diving Pigs, Watch Titan the Robot, Pat the Bunnies, Visit the Lego Max, and watch the Horse Power and Fireworks display.  I'm happy to report that we fit it ALL in!  It took us nearly 12 hours, but WE DID IT!

First, we picked up our Yellow Brick Road Showbag. It contained a map and a passport that we had to get stamped at several different stops.  Our favourite stops on the Yellow Brick Road Route were: The Sports Stop, The Face painting at The Creatures Great & Small Pavilion , and planting a Sunflower at Greenfinger's Garden.  We also liked the stops that involved free food and samples such as the free popcorn at Centenary Pavilion , the 4 pieces of fruit at the Orchard & IGA Fresh from WA Pavilion, and the discounted banana smoothies and cheese toasties at Brownes Dairy Pavilion.  Yum!

The kids had a blast at the Sports Stop playing cricket, footie, and soccer.

Next it was a quick visit to The Lego Brick Zone.  We met a Lego guy, played a little Lego game on the Wii, and had some fun building Lego creations.  There was a competition starting as we left, but we didn't stick around... we had places to go!  The Lego Brick Zone is open 10am-6pm.

A photo with Lego Guy, Max.

Just outside Lego Zone, we ran into Bubbleman. He scoots around the Royal Show blowing bubbles... so keep an eye out for him!

After collecting a few samples from the IGA Pavillion, we got a front row spot for the Titan the Robot Show.  A crowd quickly gathered into a circle and Titan entered to entertain us.  The kids were captivated by this huge, walking, talking, robot with a crude sense of humor.  He's loud, he's funny, and worth fitting into your Perth Royal Show schedule!  Showtimes: 12:45 pm, 2:45pm, 4:45 pm (F2 on the map).

Next stop was The Creatures Great and Small Pavilion for some animal cuddling and Free facepainting as part of the Yellow Brick Road.  My three kids especially loved the little chicks and holding the various types of bunny rabbits.

Just outside The Creatures Great & Small Pavilion were the
Diving and Racing Pigs.  Don't miss them!  The show was short, but tons of fun!
Showtimes: 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30, and 5pm.

Another favourite spot for my kids was The Scouts WA Challenge Zone (H3 on map) where there were loads of free activities for the kids including mountain climbing, laser tag, rock decorating, and face painting.

Mission accomplished!  These two were determined to collect every stamp at every station, and they succeeded!

The day ended at The Main Arena watching the BMX Freestyle Air Raiders and the FMX Freestyle Motocross jumping while we waited for Horse Power (7:30 pm)  and The IGA Fireworks Spectacular (8:30 pm).  Both were worth the wait, and the day ended in a BANG!

The kids were weary but happy with their Showbags!

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