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Thursday, September 13, 2012

K-Mart is Kewl!

When I was in middle school, I wouldn't be caught dead in K-Mart.  It would have been social suicide.  In fact, there's a funny story my mom loves to retell about the time I nearly plowed over my poor Grandma in K-Mart when I was nearly caught shopping there by some classmates.  My Grandma told me I had nothing to worry about, after all, they were caught shopping there too.  "Still!"

I avoided K-Mart for years.

Then I moved to a small town in California where the only shop was K-Mart.  We all hated it, but had to shop there or else drive an hour to the nearest Target.  This solidified my dread for the place.

So, when I moved to Perth, I was less than thrilled to see the big, red "K".  Let's just say I didn't go rushing in the place with excitement.  But then something about the advertising caught my interest.  They actually sell t-shirts, pillows, and plates for $5?  Shoes, jeans, and popcorn makers for $10?  Insane.  I had to check it out.

The place is okay. Definitely the place to find a fun bargain. Which brings me to my favorite K-Mart story.

First some background...

Hagen and I were at the park for a morning play.  I was wearing my usual workout pants and top (just in case I found the time for the gym of course).  After about 15 minutes, a couple of  "mums" came up with their "bubs".  These moms were adorable and dressed so fashionably for the park.  I hope they weren't offended by my staring, I was just admiring their fashion sense.  I especially liked a belted dress one of them was wearing with leggings, boots, and a little sweater.  After squinting to see the pattern on the dress, I noticed they were actually little horses.  Definitely from some high end boutique...very cute!  I thought to myself, "I really should get dressed in more than workout clothes now and then."
yellow dress booties ankle madewell
She looked something like this. (Photo from

Now for the K-Mart part...

Usually the shops around here close early, but on Thursdays they're open late.  I needed a little "breather" from the homestead, so I took an evening off to go shopping.  I still had my workout clothes on, so the gym was also a possibility.  You can relate, right?  Well, somehow I ended up at K-Mart so I hit the clearance rack.  I love a bargain, even at K-Mart.  You won't believe what I found, but the horse dress.  I was dying! Better yet, it was the horse dress for $10, and it included the belt!

Needless to say, I bought the dress.  I've worn it a couple of times since, but I haven't sported it at the park... I'm just not there yet.  I have other K-Mart stories, like how my Dad found a pair of great shoes for $2 while he was visiting, and my hair dresser had K-Mart sandals that were identical to my very expensive Steve Madden's.

I'm going out on a limb here, and perhaps committing "social suicide" but the truth is, I think K-Mart is kewl, with a capital, big, red K.

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