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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Father's Day in September?

This Sunday is Father's Day.  Last year, we had just arrived in Australia, so we didn't catch wind of the "new" date in time to celebrate.  This year, we didn't celebrate Father's Day in June with America, so we have no excuse.  We shall celebrate DAD this weekend!
"Wonder what we should get Daddy for Father's Day?"

Now, Mark is a guy who doesn't ask for much.  He dabbles in golf, and he likes to fish, but we are "all set" with that equipment.  He has enough ties, shirts, socks, and undies... So what to get him?  I've decided on the perfect gift; TIME.  Yes time, the one thing he definitely needs more of... specifically, alone time with each one of us.  My plan is to schedule events on the calendar with each of us, and let him just enjoy the special time. The important thing to remember when carrying this out, is actually putting the date on the calendar, and being specific about the plans.  Otherwise, it will never happen.  Spread the fun over a one month time period (or even longer if needed).

Here's how it will work:

During his traditional breakfast in bed, he will receive a special handmade card from each of us explaining our special outing together.

From McKinley-
A date to Chocolateria San Churro for Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Fondue for two.  I know he'll cherish this special time chatting with McKinley about what's going on in her life without the distraction of her little brothers.  Plus, they both love chocolate!  I even pre-paid for the date with a gift card.

From Everest-
I've arranged for the two of them to play some baseball (substitute your favorite sport here) in the park with a picnic basket full of their favorite snacks and drinks.  Afterwards, they'll head over to Timezone (the local arcade) for their fill of video games and air hockey.  Again, I pre-paid for the video game part, so very little thought involved for the guys!

From Hagen-
This one was easy.  Just a simple walk (or in Hagen's case, run) on the beach.  Just the two of them.  I'll suggest he takes his time and let Hagen lead the play.  It is surprising how much fun it can be to walk at a two year old's pace (sometimes fast, sometimes slow), and see everything from their eyes.  I'll supply the "Dadpack" full of snacks, drinks, a Frisbee, ball, a pail and shovel.  I'm sure they'll stop and play at a park along the way, and the two of them will love it!

From Mommy- I know he's not my Dad!  But he is the most wonderful Dad to my kids, so I get to celebrate him too!  My gift to him is a trip to the gym (Craigie Leisure Centre) with "yours truly".  We love working out together, but hardly ever get the chance.  We'll make a morning of it, and go out for a coffee afterwards.  May not sound like much, but "time" like this is well spent!

From all of us together- This one is perhaps the greatest gift of all, because it will mean some sacrifice on our part.  Mark has a dream of a family bike ride all the way from our house in the North Beaches, to the city of Perth (roughly 27 km trip).  He mentions it often, but it has never come to be.  I have avoided it, because it means lots of whinging (whining) from the two older kids.  Hagen still gets a free ride on the back of my bike, so he'll be happy to do it.  Anyway, the bike ride is on the calendar.  It is set.  The kids have promised to be good sports, because we give gifts graciously, right?  (I'm sure I'll be blogging this trip!)  You will be relieved to know that we will park a car in the city the night before, so we only have to ride one way.

Check out this site that will map your ride.

That's it.  That is the simple, yet very thoughtful, way we are giving "Daddy" the gift of time for Father's Day! I hope the Daddy in your home has a wonderful day, no matter what his gift may be, and no matter what month you celebrate!

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