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Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogging Around the World!

Here's the coolest thing about blogging:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

Now, compared to most bloggers, this is nothing.  But for me, the fact that somebody in Malaysia has read my blog blows my mind, not to mention 152 people in Russia!  

I have learned more about the rest of the world in my one year living here, than I have learned in my whole life.  My geography, I'm embarrassed to say, has always been... let's just say, "lacking".  Moving internationally has opened up a whole new world to me, literally!

In the last year, I have become hungry to learn more and more about different places, and how people live.  I'm curious about what their homes look like, where they shop, what food is available to them, how they dress, what's their religion?

I know it will impossible for me to visit everywhere I want to go, so I've decided to start a series of blogs from around the world.  If you or someone you know would like to participate, please submit the name of the town and country in which you live/or have visited and at least five of the following:

1. Picture of your home (or one in your town). 
2. Picture of something you love about where you live.
3. Picture of your market/grocery store.
4. Picture of a church in your town.
5. Picture of a play park where you live.
6. Picture of your mode of transportation (car, boat, train, bus).
7. Picture of a postbox/mailbox.
8. Picture of a typical teenager in your area.
9. Picture of a school yard and/or student (uniforms?)
10. Picture of a bird or non-domestic animal in your area.

You can submit more than 5 photos if you wish, and feel free to add extra photos of things I don't have listed here. Be sure to send a caption or brief description with each photo.  If you are a blogger, I will give full credits and link up to your blog, unless of course you want to remain anonymous.

Please spread the word!  Let's see how many countries we can discover together!

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