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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Slip, Sliding and Swimming at Kalamunda Water Park

Last weekend we ventured to the Perth hills to visit Kalamunda Water Park.  It's been on our summer "to do" list for the past three summers, so we decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and go!

Upon entry, we were pleasantly surprised that it was not too crowded, even on a public holiday weekend.  Entry fee for a family with 2 adults and 2 children was $50, and that includes swimming and slides.  We had a Groupon, so our cost was less.  You must be 5 years old to ride the slides, so a swim only pass is available for those not sliding.

The pools were crystal clear, with large beach balls and inflatable sharks to play on.   There were several pools to explore including the toddler play area, the slightly deeper wading pools, the large lane swimming pool with a deep end section.

The toddler area was strictly for children under 5 years old, so we didn't spend any time there, but it looked really nice.  There was plenty of shade, shallow water, and loads of fun toys to play with in the kiddie pools.

My kids were most excited about the big water slides, the inflatable water slide, and the inflatable obstacle course.

We must have traveled down the corkscrew and zig zag slides dozens of times each.  They were quite fast and had us screaming and laughing the whole way down!  I was able to ride with my 5 year old the first couple of times down, but by the third time, he was on his own.

The inflatable slide was a blast too!  There was a jump on the end that sent the kids flying.  They loved it!

A bit later in the day, the lifeguards set up the inflatable obstacle course in the deep end of the lane pool.  The kids ran through as the lifeguards squirted them with the hose and splashed them with buckets of water.

The kids were having such a blast, that my husband and I were able to switch off reading in the shade, and swimming in the deep pool by ourselves.

Kalamunda Water Park had a kiosk with the usual poolside menu of hot chips, ice cream, pies, cold drinks, and a selection of sandwhiches.

The grounds and facilities at Kalamunda Water Park were impressive.  The change room and toilets were large and clean.  There were BBQs and plenty of shaded areas to enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

We had a fantastic day at the Kalamunda Water Park, and plan to put it on next summer's "to do" list again!

If you plan to still fit it in this summer, you best hurry!  The season ends 31 March.

Kalamunda Water Park is located on the corner of Collins and Cannings Road, Kalamunda.

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