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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The NEW Russell Brown Adventure Park in Minim Cove, Mosman Park

Just North of the river, nestled within the shade trees, is a nature park like no other!  The new Russell Brown Adventure Park in Mosman Park is scheduled to have an official opening sometime in February. The park is located in Minim Cove, on the bank of the Swan River, just beyond the Mosman Park Tennis Club.

The adventure park blends in well with the bush land, and you would hardly even know it was there. It's well hidden in the bush with natural structures to climb on that are mostly made of wood, stone, and ropes.


It's an amazing nature playground with which features rope and balancing areas, large fallen trees to scramble on, bush cubby houses, water play areas including a running brook. 

There river and a lake are nearby the adventure park, so keep a close eye on little ones.

There is an enclosed area for toddlers and small children who may find the adventure park a bit challenging.

Even my "tween" son and teenage daughter had fun at this park.

There are toilet facilities available, as well as BBQ s and picnic tables.  It seems the perfect place for a family BBQ.

The Russell Brown Adventure Park is located on McCabe Street, Mosman Park, WA 6012

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