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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ready? Steady. Go!

Hagen had a fantastic time at Ready Steady Go Kids!
He's still talking about it.
I have to say, I was just as thrilled with the class as he was.

For the first time ever, he was not clinging to my leg and forcing me to participate with him.
From beginning to end, the session was well organized, fun for the kids, full of positive reinforcement, and they learned actual sport skills!

Ready Steady Go Kids is a physio-designed program that teaches pre-schoolers fundamentals for 10 different sports including: soccer, tennis, cricket and t-ball.

The day of our first class, the kids learned about Basketball.

The session was full of excitement and fun with a creative way of learning sport skills.  The kids hopped like kangaroos, soared like airplanes, threw basketballs with their chicken wings, and raced around in their hula hoop "cars".

Things started off with a welcome song, warm-up, and stretching.

Next, the kids learned the fundamentals of basketball including dribbling, throwing, shooting baskets, and even how to "slam dunk!"

It was a super positive environment, and each child received individual attention.

Half way through the session, the basketball skills they learned were carried over to an obstacle course.  The kids had a ball, running around, taking their turn at each station.

The session ended with cool down, closing song, and group "cheer".  There were plenty of smiles to go around.  The kids left feeling energized, self assured, and with an extra dose of self esteem.

As we were leaving, Hagen said, "that was so fun Mommy, thank you for bringing me to basketball class."  We can't wait until next week, Hagen is going to learn to play golf!

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