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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I love the way the Margaret River appeals to all members of my family.  We try to mix the wine tastings and breweries with equal amounts of fun activities for the kids.  This time the kids "hit the jackpot" when we visited  Xscape at the Cape Fun Park in Dunsborough.

Something for everyone:
"Wacky Putt Jokes 'N' Pranks -18 Holes of miniature golf
"Jump 'N' Tramp" Trampolines
Train rides every half hour
"Jungle Mountain" & "Tiki Mountain" 
Inflatable Bouncer
"Mine Shaft Maze"

There were two different combo packs available for the kids depending on their height. One combo for kids under 120cm, and another for kids over 120cm.  The taller kids were allowed on "Jungle Mountain", but not allowed in the "Kid Zone" and vice versa.  I loved this feature, as it meant my younger son was not going to be trampled by bigger kids, and my older children could play on "big kid" stuff without the worry of stepping on the little ones.  

The Mine Shaft Maze, Wacky Putt, and Jump 'N' Tramp Trampolines were allowed with both combo packs, so the kids enjoyed those activities together.  

There was even a small fenced in area for the really little ones to enjoy.

The kids were each given a wristband that gained them entry into each activity.  

The size of the Fun Park was perfect.  There was plenty to keep the kids busy for a few hours, but the park was small enough to feel at ease with three kids running in separate directions. 

The grounds were lovely with plenty of shade trees and places for parents to sit while the kids burned off steam.  

The buildings and surrounds made me feel as if I stepped onto a farm or small plantation. Even the toilets were charming.

The kids did not stop from playing long enough to enjoy anything from the cafe, even though I offered several times.  I did however glance at the menu and was delighted to see a nice selection of "homemade" food with very reasonable prices.  

Xscape at the Cape serves local Yahava coffee and straight from the cow ice cream from Millers Ice Creamery. YUM!  

The Mine Shaft Maze:
The kids raced against the clock and each other through the maze.

The kids loved the "vortex" entrance to the maze.

The "Kid Zone"
Hagen enjoyed playing, bouncing, and climbing around the two play zones where only kids under 120cm were permitted.

 The train leaves the station every half hour:

 Jump 'N' Tramp Trampolines:

These super bouncy trampolines had the kids flying through the air!

Wacky Putt:
This 18 hole miniature golf course was a real hoot! Each hole had a joke or a prank that had us giggling.  Be aware of spiders, and water shooting animals as you putt your way around!

When asked their favorite part of the Fun Park, my two older kids (ages 9 and 12) both said they liked the Wacky Putt and the Trampolines the best.  My three year old enjoyed riding the train.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  The kids were content and tired out, and I was surprisingly relaxed and content myself.  I didn't have that "frenzied feeling" I usually get at amusement parks.  We will definitely visit Xscape at the Cape Fun Park on our next Margaret River holiday. 

Xscape at the Cape Fun Park is located on the corner of Caves Road and Quindalup Siding Road in Dunsborough.

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