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Friday, January 18, 2013

Swim Lessons at the Beach $1/day

Swim lessons
At. The. Beach.

As if that isn't great enough?  They cost me only $1/lesson!  This mom happens to love the beach (in case you didn't know), and loves to swim, and requires her kids to love it too. So this perk of living on a continent surrounded by beautiful beaches may be the greatest thing I've discovered in Australia so far! Two weeks of pure bliss as far as I'm concerned!

The program is called VacSwim, and it's offered by the Department of Education here in Western Australia.  It's an amazing program started in 1919 with the premise that everyone should have access to quality swimming lessons.  Especially since pools and beaches are such a part of our lifestyle here in WA.

Programs are offered during October and Dec/January school holiday periods.

Some days the kids and I  ride our bikes to lessons.  They moan and groan a little bit, all except Hagen who gets a free ride and doesn't have to pedal.  But I just keep shouting, "pinch yourselves kids!  This is absolutely beautiful, and some day you will appreciate it!"

Here are just a few shots from our bike ride:

Beach Access

My little cuties!

My favorite kind of park!

This part of the bike path gets me every time... I live here!!!!!
Next week I'll bring my camera to the beach so you can see the kids in their cute little swim lesson caps.  

Until then,

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