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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Organized with Kikki.K

I'm an organized person by nature.  So why does my desk look like this?I have a million excuses, the most obvious being I would rather play with my kids than go through my pile of papers!  So when the opportunity came up for me to attend a paper organizing workshop at Kikki.K, I jumped on it.

In just two short hours, I learned what it would take to get my piles of papers looking like this.  

The workshop was more than just informative, it was enjoyable too.  The staff greeted me with smiles, and offered me sparkling water, orange juice, and cookies during the presentation.  The delightful workshop instructor, Carolyn, was an expert on organization. She presented the information in a clear, easy to follow manner.  She got to know a little something about each workshop attendee, and gave us tips throughout her talk that would be useful for each of our unique situations. 

Do you have one of these dreaded filing cabinets in your home? 

Our instructor, Carolyn, referred to filing cabinets as "Paper Graveyards".  Papers go in, and never come out again.  After hearing more about these "paper graveyards", I was convinced I needed to implement a new system of paper organization in our home, and get rid of our two very unattractive filing cabinets!  

To achieve this goal, I will use kikki.K's 6 station paper system, that will replace the inefficient,  time consuming, space hogging, money wasting system, we currently have in place in our home. The paper organization workshop taught me everything I need to know to get started, and to stay pile free!

 After the workshop, I browsed around the store for a while.  I had never been in Kikki.K before, and I felt like a kid in the candy shop!  There's just something about stationery items neatly organized on shelves that gets my heart beating.  Colorful notepads, books, calendars, and pens somehow make the tedious day to day tasks more fun!

This photobox is on my wishlist. What a simple way to organize and display photos.

The shop had a wide range of items to keep busy moms organized and happy.  Everything from calendars, recipe books, meal planners, to baby books.  It is a great place to go shopping for yourself, or if you are looking for the perfect gift.  

Kikki.K has other workshops too.  The next one I hope to attend is on Happiness.  The $40 workshop includes this lovely Happiness journal worth $39.95.  That means the workshop will only cost me $.05 to attend!  The one hour workshop will walk through how to use the journal to achieve Happiness.  Sounds like an hour well spent to me!

Contact Kikki.K at Karrinyup to find out more about upcoming workshops and events.  You can even drop them an email:

There are seven Kikki.K locations around Perth.  Click here to find your nearest location.

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