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Monday, November 19, 2012

Perth Cultural Centre Play Space

My kids and I love to spend the day in the "city."  I love that Perth offers so much for the kids.  Being from Los Angeles, I never dreamed the city would be a place to hang out with the kids just for fun.  Perth's CBD is not intimidating, it is easy to get around by walking or bus, and there is always something going on that caters to kids.  

During our last trip into the CBD for the Awesome Festival, we noticed something different in front of the WA Museum.  We wandered over, and this is what we found:

The Play Space has several musical instruments including xylophones and drums, where the kids played a tune or two... or three. 

The space incorporates art and nature with interesting items the kids can touch and explore like wood carvings, mirrors, spinning wheels, and a "painted pond" full of fish, frogs, and a spotted gecko. 

My boys loved manoeuvring through the stepping stones, and went round and round again and again.

The space is beautifully designed with natural colours and surfaces.  It really gives off a tranquil feeling right in the middle of the CBD.  It's a great place for the adults to sit and ponder while the kids burn off some energy.

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