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Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacationing with Kids: 10 (Less Obvious) Things to Pack for All Inclusive

We leave for vacation tomorrow, less than 24 hours before we have to leave for the airport, and I've done everything in the world this morning...except pack. 

I've made 2 dozen banana cupcakes, an Italian meal is prepared and ready for dinner, two casseroles of chicken enchiladas are in the freezer, I stopped into the dentist office to make an appointment, walked to the store for a couple of items, I've cleaned out the hall closet, wiped out the fridge... like I said, I've done everything except pack!  Why not add blogging to the list?  It may help motivate me.

We've done the all inclusive resort thing three times before, but never with the kids.  To be honest, this resort could be anywhere and I'd be happy.  I'm just so darn excited to not have to cook, chop, clean, wipe, and feed! 

Based on my vast knowledge of traveling with kids, combined with my past experience with all inclusive, I've come up with some packing tips. 

10 Things (you may not think to pack) for an
All Inclusive Family Vacation:

1. Snacks for the plane and boxed milk-
It's no secret the airlines are unlikely to feed you.  I suggest plenty of snacks for the plane, and consider packing milk boxes in your checked bags for your milk loving toddler.  It may be a while before you can pick up some fresh milk.
2. Ziplocs-
I use zipper baggies every time I travel with kids.  Great for leftovers, wet undies, and seashell collections.
3. Plastic Cups & Sippy Cup-
You will need these to transport those "all inclusive" drinks off the resort.  Be sure to fill your toddler's sippy cup with milk in the morning at the breakfast buffet. The bars don't often have fresh milk.
4. Deck of Cards-  
Small, compact, and portable. Great for playing on the airplane and at the resort. So many games to choose from for all ages, even magic tricks.
5. Check Voltage-
Before packing your electronics, be sure you will be able to use them. 
6. Sunscreen, Medicine, Nail Clippers-
These should be a given, but we've had to buy these on vacation before, and they weren't cheap.  Plus, some countries do not have what you're used to.  Be sure to bring fever reducers for the kids, and pray you won't have to use them!
7. Leave space in luggage for purchased items-
When you're at a tropical resort, you will mostly just wear your swimsuit.  Pack lightly, pack lightly, pack lightly!  Think swimsuits and cover-ups with flip flops.  Chances are you will find several dresses and/or t-shirts you'll want to buy anyway.
8. Buy your hat there-
You'll want to do the tourist thing and buy a new hat.  So leave your old, normal, what you wear everyday hat at home!
9. Backpack-
Use a backpack as one of your carry-ons so that you can pack it for day trips while on vacation.
10. DVDs, Ipod & Speakers, DSI-
Bring them if you can't live without them, or if you want to occasionally "plug in" the kids for some alone time with your hubby. Portable Ipod speakers are nice for playing music around your room rather than just one person with headphones enjoying the tunes. 

That's it, no more procrastination.  Time to pack!


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