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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Climbing up the walls in Joondalup

A few weeks ago I purchased a Scoopon (coupon/voucher) for rock climbing that was too good to pass up.  It cost just $12.50 for two people to climb at Joondalup Climbing Centre.  I bought two vouchers so that each of my older kids could climb, and bring a friend.

There's a great deal for Joondalup Climbing Centre from Cudo that is current now!!!  Check it out here.  

Safety First:  We were each given harnesses to wear and then had an orientation climb including complete instructions on how to use the ropes and carabiners to climb and belay.  The belayer holds the rope for the climber and it's a big job, as the climber's safety is literally in their hands.  At Joondalup Climbing Centre, you must be 12 to belay, but climbing is for all ages (as long as the harness fits). 

Climbing: After our orientation, we were set free to climb any of the numerous walls that varied in difficulty and structure.  We climbed for an hour, and didn't even begin to climb all of them.

Free Climb Area:  In the middle of the centre there was a "cave" of climbing walls where you climb with no ropes. There were even hand and foot grips on the ceiling so the kids were literally climbing all over the walls!

Next time, I'm anxious to see Everest live up to his name and climb the walls.  I'm thinking of having his 10th birthday party there, as they have a party area available for hire and you can bring your own decorations, food, and drinks. 

What to bring: closed shoes (runners), water bottle, sporty attire. The center had free lockers for  valuables, and a counter with cool drinks and snacks available for purchase. 

Joondalup Climbing Centre has not been open long, but they are off to a terrific start.  The facility was clean, well managed, staff was very helpful and friendly, and we had a ton of fun.

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