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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bedtime Sweetness

Bedtime around here is such a great hour.  I love when all the kids are fed, bathed, and in their jammies.  It is a feeling of such sweet satisfaction.  I know where everyone is, I know where they are going, and I know that all their immediate needs are met.  The lights are low, the television off, the lullabies are playing in the background, and all is good. 

Hagen has learned to turn his "touch lamp" on and off. 

I walked in on this scene in Hagen's room.  How sweet is that?

Last night the kids played on the piano together while I finished up the dishes.  I couldn't help but to capture this sweet moment with my camera.  I always want to remember how peaceful and wonderful our bedtime hour is around here.  In one word.... Peaceful.


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