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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fresh Cut Grass

I did that thing again.  I seized the moment and rocked my precious son to sleep instead of tackling the laundry pile.  I told myself I was going to mop the floor today, oh and scrub the bathrooms too. I am so thankful that my housework will wait for me.  Housework tends to be patient that way.  I guess it's a good thing I live in a house that "cleans itself!"

The cooking experiment from the other day didn't work by the way.  I didn't get a single recipe or dinner idea, so I was forced to come up with dinner on my own.  I decided to go all out and make lasagna.  The good news is it was bland enough to feed to the baby, and he LOVED it!  The bad news is I made a double batch and froze one, so we get to eat it again in the near future.  Please, it is not too late to send me your EASY, FAMILY FRIENDLY dinner ideas...

Did you remember to notice something "for the first time" today?  I did.  I sat and watched the gardener mow the lawn at my kid's school.  Hagen was enthralled, so I figured it was worth sitting for a while to watch the mower cut fresh patterns in the grass.  The smell alone made it worth it.  It's amazing how the smell of fresh cut grass can open the floodgates of childhood memories for me.  In a matter of seconds I was whisked to a summer morning in the suburbs of Denver.  Back to the days of cartwheels, swingsets, trampolines, soccer games, swim meets, and golf lessons.  Ahhh....

Well, now I'm back in California, back to the reality of being a grown up.  A grown up in charge of picking up her kids from school!  Off I go to hop on the walking school bus (WSB).  There's lots of horse poop along our WSB trail.  I'm wondering if the smell of horse poop will induce a wonderful memory for my kids someday?

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