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Monday, September 20, 2010

Computer, I am the boss of you!

Don’t you just despise those days when your computer decides to control you?  You do the same things as always, press the same buttons as always, but somehow nothing works right.  Pictures won’t upload, emails are missing, error codes pop up.  You are sure someone has hacked into your computer!  But then you realize there is nothing on your computer worth hacking because you’ve plastered it all over facebook and your blog already.   I’m convinced it’s just a way for our computers to let us know that they are really in charge.
Today was one of those days for me.  I finally put the baby down for his nap, and sat down at the computer to write my daily blog.  It’s a time I look forward to.  A time where I get to let out all those little thoughts that run around in my brain.  It’s a time I get to reflect on what in the world I am doing! It keeps me in touch with the simple things that I occupy my time with, and makes them seem a bit more important. 
I signed into my blog account and aghast!  My family picture was missing!  That may seem simple enough to replace, right?  Oh, not if you have the number of pictures stored that I do.  It required pulling out the hard drive and viewing the thousands of pictures there, waiting for each thumbnail to load... 
Once I finally found my picture, my computer decided to load it up all funky and leave off my title! Not only that, it is a tad off center and the box around it is smaller. Of all the nerve!  I tell you, I did nothing different that I did before! 
A call to my husband was definitely in order.  Of course, I must remain calm.  You see, I find when I call him at work with my frantic "computer" emergencies, he doesn't quite understand the urgency sometimes.  Doesn't he get that this is my sanity at stake here?!
Long story short, I have a picture again, but I still have some design work to do, and this ranting will have to do for my blog post today.  I've spent my baby's entire nap time trying to show my computer I AM the boss of it!  But just to be on the safe side... I'm going to change my password!  ;)


Joy Hoff said...

Three little words... "Get A Mac" :)

Alisha said...

Ohhh! Yes! I think I'll call hubby right this minute and tell him this solution! I must have a MAC!