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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Signs

Today I want to share Hagen's Baby Signs with you.  He finds great satisfaction in pleasing me with this form of communication.  It is extremely hard to capture these little signs on camera (sorry for the blurry pics), but here goes:



"All Done"

"Nurse" or "Milk" (It's a stretch to see this one.  It's with his left hand)

"Stop making me sign Mommy!"

I have used Baby Signing with all of my babies.  It is a wonderful way of communicating with them, and cuts down on the tantrums and the fussing during those impossible toddler days.  I was lucky enough to take a couple of college level signing classes many years ago (thanks Heather), but anyone can learn basic signs and teach them to their baby. 

I recently discovered several FREE APPS on iTunes that teach sign language with pictures and video.  My older kids love to "play" with those, and it is a great way to get everyone involved.  I also have heard wonderful things about the show, "Baby Signing Time".  Here is their link:

Here is a book I've read on the subject:

Here are my two words of advice for teaching your baby to sign:

Be Persistent-  I probably look foolish signing the same thing over and over again all the while my baby stares back at me and does nothing.  I repeat the sign every single time I use the word I am trying to teach.  Then one day like magic, he makes the sign!  Just like that.  Not only does he make the sign, but he does it with determination and satisfaction written all over his face.  Very rewarding!

Be Consistent-  Go ahead, make up your own signs! As long as you are consistent, and your signs are meaningful to you and your baby, then they will work.  No need to have your nose in a sign book, and no need to be sure you are "doing it right."  Repetition is the key!

Here are the other signs we have mastered or that we are working on:
ball, light, please, hurt, music, hot, water, bird,


I will admit sometimes Hagen gets things all messed up and just starts waving his arms all around in the air as if to say, "Come on! don't you understand me?!"  Babies are smart that way...


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