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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day Success!

This day was full of successes!  Just look at those happy kids!  Even Hagen cooperated for a while.  Here are some of the major successes of the day:

  • Everyone woke up on time on their own

  • Hagen slept while I fed the other two breakfast

  • I didn't eat cookies for breakfast! However, I didn't eat breakfast at all :(

  • We walked to and from school (with friends!)

  • The kids looked absolutely adorable (very important to Mom)!

  • They had a great day at school with their teachers and friends!

  • Dinner was planned and served before 5 pm (they were HUNGRY)!
Look at this sweet photo (not posed) of McKinley with one of her BFFs:

That's right, boots are very popular here in Southern California, even in 80 plus degree weather. 

One of the best parts of today was how excited the kids were to see their little brother when they got home.  And likewise!  Check out this picture of the brothers having their "wrestle time":

Now let's rewind to last night's Family Sushi Celebration!  This place in Redondo Beach is the greatest!  The kids were so excited because little boats float around with sushi plates, and  you just grab what you want to eat. 

The kids enjoyed putting one of McKinley's miniature monkeys on a boat for a ride.  The sushi chef had fun with that one.  He took it off for a while and made them sweat, then later replaced it!

Hagen had his fill of tofu.  For all you Mommies with young ones, I highly recommend cubed up tofu.  It is soft, full of protein, and they can feed themselves!  Actually, all my kids love it!

Daddy discovered that chopsticks are an easy way to feed Hagen!

Well there you have it.  A very successful first day of school and first day of starting new habits.  I'd like to give a shout out to one of my "readers" who went and read the book I recommended yesterday.  Hope you like it!

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3boymom said...

We are BIG fans of the Party of Five blog here in Texas! We had our first day of school last week--glad to see that yours was awesome too! We love you all--The Nolens