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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have never been one to wish school would start again.  I enjoy hanging out with my kids more than anyone else on this earth.  I choose to be with them.  BUT somehow this week I am feeling a bit excited for school to start.  BUT maybe not...  Who will I recruit for "Baby Duty" so I can use the restroom?  Who will I blame when the chores aren't done?  Who will run the Wii in the background of everything I do so I won't feel so lonely?  Who will I eat lunch with? Who will ask me for a hug just when I need one the most?

I realize that I want the best of both worlds.  I want to be the best Mommy ever, BUT I also want some time to myself.  I'm really not asking much.  Just a couple of hours to clean the house, tackle an ironing pile, scrap a few precious photos, list items on ebay, grocery shop alone, excercise, pray, read, shower, post on a few facebook walls... 

BUT duty calls.  Hagen is learning to walk and he needs me to catch him when he falls.  Everest is inquisitive and needs me to answer all his questions, PRONTO!  McKinley is reading a book a day and needs me to be her sole book club member and sounding board. 

Here are a few more BUTS that come to mind:
  • It is so incredibly hot in my house (no A/C) BUT it's hotter in Afganistan!
  • My kids are always hungry BUT I have food in the fridge to feed them (generally speaking).
  • My baby pretty much rules my life BUT his smile could melt ice.
  • My yard may be small BUT the beach is our frequent playground.
I could find a bazillion reasons to be cranky, BUT I can find even more reasons to embrace my BIG BUTS and maybe, just maybe they will embrace me back!

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