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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scitech Backyard Adventures

We visited Scitech to check out the new exhibit, Backyard Adventures.
It was great fun for each of my kids from age 5 to 13 years of age.

My 5 year old especially enjoyed the imaginative play area with the dress up clothes, and the hands on backyard animal "pets" in their perspective habitats.

He also liked seeing what the world looked like through the eyes of the bugs and dog's view.

Both of my boys loved the "walk through the seasons" exhibit where they were able to run on a treadmill and watch the seasons change on the screen in front of them.

My 11 year old loved all of the video game type interactive exhibits that educated him about various "backyard" animals and their habitats.

I found him exercising his tangram skills by putting together some "backyard" pavers.

He also loved the exhibit that displayed various nocturnal creatures, and we were able to use night vision to view them in their dark "habitats".

My thirteen year old daughter's favorite exhibit was the skipping rope.  We had great fun watching her take her turn jumping to the various speeds.

I'm not gonna lie, I loved it too!

There was a hands on area where the kids could participate in different activities throughout the day including making their very own insect feeder.

Or you could take insturctions home with you to make your own birdhouse!

The miniature golf was a hit with all of  the kids.  They spent the most time in this area trying to get their balls in each hole.  It was fun to watch them all in there together having a ball!

The Backyard Adventure exhibit at Scitech was a big hit with our entire family!

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