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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Variety Place on Saw Avenue, King's Park is Now Open! Newly Renovated!

The long awaited park renovation is complete at King's Park on Saw Avenue.  The new park is named "Variety Place" and it is gorgeous!

 The natural design beautifully incorporates the bush, wood, rock and other pieces of nature.  The previous park at Saw Avenue also used natural materials, and was enjoyed by Perth patrons for three generations!

I love educating myself and the kids while we play!  Signs like these are scattered around the park.

Hagen happily balanced across a jarrah log.

The famous swing has had an upgrade, and it's a blast!

Climbing nets will keep kids busy and active!
The park has many opportunities for climbing, including several stairways cut from timber logs.

Lots of tunnels!

 Kids love tunnels!  And this play park is full of them!  They are cut right into the rocks... you can run over, under, and through them!

 Hagen loved running through this metal textile maze!  

 And then there was this cage... Oh, the endless opportunities this cage will inspire for imaginative play!

Hagen spent his time crossing, climbing, balancing, and running through tunnels!

I was impressed with the wood carvings and the unique picnic tables.
Drinking fountains available at the park.
BBQs available.
Several picnic tables and shade trees for family gatherings.
Toilets available on site.

A beautiful Perth afternoon at King's Park


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