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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eating Out With Kids In Perth: Outback Jack's Review


It's not often we eat out with the kids, especially in the Perth CBD.  But Mother's Day  was a special occasion, and I was off duty for the day!  We had a wonderful day out and about in Perth, and decided to flip through our Entertainment Book  for any family friendly restaurants in the area. Outback Jacks in Northbridge fit the bill, so we journeyed over the bridge for dinner.

We were greeted by the friendly staff and shown to a huge booth which was perfect for our family of five.  I had no idea there was a playroom for the kids, but the kids saw it right away.  We ordered some drinks and off they went until the food arrived.

The playroom had some toys to play with, but my boys headed straight for the wall lined with Playstations!  My husband and I were able to enjoy our "Bust Pepper Calamari" entree in peace and quiet, and it was wonderful.  While I sat sipping my wine at the table alone with my husband I said, "we should really do this more often!"

Before our meal, the waitress brought waters for all of us, and non-breakable colored cups for the kids. Perfect!  There is a large variety of wine and beers to choose from for the adults, as well as a fully licensed bar for other specialty drinks.

I was really impressed with the Outback Jack's Tin Lid's menu for ages 12 and under. The price was very reasonable.  My four year old ordered the burger and fries.  Other choices included: Sausage on a Stick, Golden Nuggets, and Mini Pizza (Wagon Wheels).  The Tin Lid's portions are not huge, so there is an option for larger portions if your child is a big eater.  All kid's meals include a scoop of ice cream and a topping, but we forgot and it wasn't offered. Oh well, next time!

My older kids were really wanting to have some ribs, so we ordered the The Outback Jack's 3 for All Ribs for the two of them to share.  It was plenty!  It came with a salad, coleslaw, and hot chips.  Yummy!  Click here to see the Outback Jack's Menu.

We opted out of spending $7.95 for the Croc Sippy bottle filled with soda for the kids ($2.50 refill).  It looked really cool, and reusable, but water was fine for us.

I really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant.  They had the two fire places blazing, and some great country music and videos playing on the big television.  The kids loved the enormous Alligator hanging from the ceiling.

We used our Entertainment Book voucher which gave us 25% off our total bill.  That is an excellent deal, especially when eating out with a family of 5.

The wait staff was very attentive to our needs, patient with our questions, and made excellent suggestions. They were sure to tell us to have a "Good Night" as we left the restaurant.  We had a wonderful experience at Outback Jack's Northbridge, and it is somewhere we will definitely return with kids in tow!

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