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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Kickers Australia Review

Hagen has always loved soccer.  In fact, he was only 2 weeks old when he watched his big sister win the girls championship for her division.  He's been dragged to soccer practice, and games two to three times a week since then.  But now it's his turn... We discovered Little Kickers Australia!

Little Kickers focuses on fun, all while learning the skills of soccer.  In addition, the kids are gaining high self esteem, and a love of being fit and healthy.

The session started with a bit of free play, kicking the soccer balls around and then chasing them. Gotta love those energy burning games!


The coaches then made a game of  putting all the balls away. Then it was time for some fun warm-ups and laughs.

I was impressed by the way the kids respected the coach, and he had their full attention the entire session.

The kids learned soccer skills and got plenty of exercise without even realizing it.  They practiced "little kicks" like a "tick-tock clock", they hopped like kangaroos, stomped like elephants, and roared like lions.  There were several fun games throughout the session to keep the interest of even the shortest attention span.

I highly recommend the Little Kickers program.  It is available for boys and girls from age 18 months until their 7th birthday.  There are several locations around Perth for all of the age groups.  Click here to find a venue in your area.

Hagen absolutely loves going to his "soccer class".  The biggest struggle we have is keeping his uniform clean in time for his session, because he wants to wear it everyday! (A Little Kickers soccer shirt and shorts is included in registration fee).

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