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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Family Fun at the Perth Royal Show!

This year, we decided to Plan Our Day at The Perth Royal Show.  We checked out the Calendar of Events for the day, and I signed up for the free Plan My Day planner. We even pre-selected our Showbags before the Show!

The planner was great, and allowed us to choose our events to watch, places to visit, showbags, and rides. It plugged our choices into a printable schedule, complete with a map labeled with all our "stops".  This was ideal for us, because we tend to meander, and last year, many of the exhibits closed before we got around to seeing them.  Thanks to the Plan My Day planner, we were prepared.

Show Map

We gave the kids a fixed budget.  They could spend their cash on whatever; rides, food, showbags, but once it was was gone. 

We saw this coupon book for sale on our way into the Show.  It included coupons for food, showbags, and other goodies like recipes for the kids.
2013 IGA Perth Royal Show Coupon Book

Despite all our planning, we were too overwhelmed to follow a schedule.  The excitement of everything sucked us in when we passed by, and we couldn't resist.  The map and the schedule were tucked away, and we just let the kids lead the way!
Following a plan gave us "brain strain".

Top Ten highlights from our day at The Perth Royal Show:

1. Yellow Brick Road Activities-
The kids loved the activities at the Sports Stop, making a Mr. Sprout Head at Greenfingers Garden, and collecting fresh fruit and veg at the Fresh from WA Orchard.

2. Scouts Challenge Zone-
We loved all the free activities here including laser tag, mini mountain climbing, crafts, face painting, and more!

3. Buying Showbags-
We took our time choosing our favorites! Of course the Blinky Bill showbag for $1 was a must buy!
This was NOT us. 

4. Oz Rocketman- 
We loved watching Oz Rocketman take off and soar around the arena.  His jet packs were super loud, but super cool!

5. Making Sand Sculptures-
We watched the amazing sand sculpting artist make a fire breathing dragon!  Then the kids made their own "amazing" sand sculptures.

6. Patting the Animals-
The kids couldn't get enough of the animals! We patted a pig, and held a chick, a bunny, and a guinea pig in our laps.

7. "Buy West Eat Best" Photo Booth-
We had fun taking turns in the free photo booth.  A great keepsake to remind us of our fun day! It was located in the IGA Fresh from WA Pavilion.

8. Sheepdog Demonstration-
Amazing dogs!  We loved watching "man's best friend" herd the sheep with their intimidating stares.

9. Just Looking Around- this included people watching, hanging out around the main arena, looking at animals, watching demonstrations, wandering through sideshow alley at night, etc.

This guy attracted quite a crowd!

10. Browne's Dairy Pavilion & Milking Demonstration-
We got our fill of yummy Browne's dairy samples before giving milking a cow a go.

Although we didn't stick to a schedule, we did really well at sticking to our budget.  In fact, I think we ended the day well under budget!  Here's the breakdown:

Pre-Sale IGA Adult Tickets: $48
Yellow Brick Road Experience: $10
Slurpee: $4
Showbags: $31
Inflatable Hammer: $5
Donuts: $5
Five Cheese Toasties: $8
Propeller Hat: $5

That's a grand total of $116.  That's pretty good for a family of five!  We did pack our own picnic lunch, snacks, and plenty of water.  Also, we managed to keep busy with all the free activities, so we didn't spend anything on rides.
We planned to take advantage of the 2 for 1 rides from 3-4 pm, but we were too busy having fun with other things!
Too tired this year for Fireworks!

Free face painting compliments of the Scouts .

See you next year at the Perth Royal Show!

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