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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 10 Perth Royal Showbags for the Whole Family

Last year was our family’s first Perth Royal Show experience, or any "Royal Show" for that matter. We had no idea what a "Showbag" was, but we figured it out quickly that they were very popular, and judging from the crowds around the stalls, a Showbag was something we needed to have! This year I’m planning ahead and have picked out my favorites for everyone in the family…

My Top Ten Picks for Perth Royal Showbags for the Whole Family:

1. My Overall Favorite- I pick the Coca Cola Premiums showbag as my overall favorite due to it’s amazing value ($15), and the fact that it is appealing to just about everyone in the family, no matter what age or gender. There are even a couple of items in there our new family puppy will enjoy!
2. My Favorite Confectionery Showbag- The Nestle Big Family Deal ($20) is just that; BIG! There’s enough candy in this bag to satisfy every taste, and there is definitely enough to go around. There’s $50 worth of chocolates and lollies including five mini showbags from Nestle, Wonka, and Bertie Beetle. Plus you get your choice of a novelty item such as a mini basketball or Coca-Cola branded can cooler bag. Now, that’s a Big Deal!
3. My favorite Pre-School Girl Showbag- Peppa Pig! I love the little backpack, and all the practical but fun items in this Showbag. There’s a gardening set, hairclips, a light up toothbrush, a plate, bowl, and tumbler to name a few. It’s also a great value at just $25 for over $70 worth of items.
4. My Favorite Pre-School Boy Showbag- It’s gotta be Jake and The Neverland Pirates! This showbag has it all Me Hearties! A pirate flag, headband, tattoos, and a telescope… but I’m sure the inflatable sword will be his favorite!
5. My favorite Kid Girl Bag- The Hello Kitty bag will be sure to please. It’s full of lovely pink things that she’ll adore like a Hello Kitty duffle bag, slippers, a diary, wallet, and sunglasses.
6. My favorite Kid Boy Bag- The Hot Wheels bag looks great! It has toys my son will actually play with after he gets them home, and contains useable items such as a backpack, sunglasses, a lunchbox, and a wallet.
7. My favorite Teen Girl Showbag- NY Style Accessories is my pick. It comes with a tote bag and a clutch to carry all the glamour items that come in the showbag. Your teen girl will impress with the newest trends in eye shadow, hair mascara, nail polish, earrings, and sunglasses! It’s a great value at just $25 for over $90 in products.
8. My Top Pick for Teen Boys- The Glow Bag! Just $20 for more glowing things than you can shake a stick at! Glowing bracelets, wigs, glowing flying objects, eyewear, a glowing sword thingy, and even a flashing Coca Cola cup. This showbag is enormous, and big enough to share. Your teen will be a hit with all his friends after dark! (Girl teens will love this showbag too!)
9. For Mom- It was a toss-up between the Fremantle Chocolate Sampler Bag ($25) and the Women’s Health Magazine Showbag for the same price. My healthy conscience and my constant hunt for the best value beat out chocolate this time. The Women’s Health Magazine Show bag includes over $280 worth of items including four issues of the magazine, two different gym bags, cosmetics, candy, McCormick recipe starters, tea, discount vouchers, and more!
10. For Dad- He’s easy to please with anything sport related, so I’m going with the AFL Showbag. Pick your favorite AFL team and get a backpack, cap, football, stickers, drink bottle, and earbuds all for just $25!

On a Budget?  I counted 53 Showbags $5 and under!  The cheapest was the Blinky Bill showbag for just $1.  There's an Aftershocks showbag for those who love shockingly sour candy for only $4, and a Bertie Beetle Blue showbag for $2.  These prices are much less than suggested retail, so indulge!

With a total of 322 Showbags to choose from this year, there were so many more Favorites I could have picked! I had such a hard time narrowing my list down to just ten. Now, if only the Perth Royal Show would hurry up and get here so we can get our Showbags! It’s nearly Showtime (28 Sept- 5 Oct). Check out all the Perth Royal Showbags here.

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