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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Party Ideas in Action!

Our Halloween party was a huge success!  I put most of the ideas from one of my previous blogs: Top 10 Halloween Party Tips into action, plus a few more ideas.  Here are some pictures from the Spooktacular Event!

Halloween Pumpkin Oranges:

Eewwy Gooey Touch Boxes:

I made a Mad Scientist's Lab display.  The kids could not see what was in the box, and they were all grossed out!  I made a witches finger with a carrot, fake fingernail, and a ring.

Jars full of gross things:
This was a fun, easy way to decorate.  I filled jars with food coloring and little creepy things like witches fingers, fake spiders, snakes, and lizards.

Spooky Ghosts made from recycled plastic grocery bags and pin the "Boo!" on the ghost:

Spooky Skull Cake Pops:

 We can't wait to throw another party next year!

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