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Friday, April 8, 2011

Staycation Day #4

Day #4 already!

The thing about a staycation is there is no hotel maid.  Bummer!  So before we opened the first envelope, we had a fast family pick up.  We basically ran around the house and put things where they needed to go.  With the three of us (me, Mc, and Everest) it only took about 20 minutes for this small cozy place.  We made beds, emptied the dishwasher, filled it back up, swept the floor, picked up toys, etc.  Viola! 

While I was busy folding laundry, McKinley was busy in my room.  I went in and found that she had made my bed and left me this note:

Made me cry!

Here's envelope #1:
Lazy Morning!  Let's play Wii, read, build Legos, draw, watch Netflix, spend Itunes giftcards! 
It's hard to believe we need to actually set aside time to do these things.  But with the demands of school (yes, even elementary school), piano, church, and sports activities we barely have time to just "play".  And don't get me started on how long it takes for me to figure out Itunes.... I could never have time for that if it weren't Spring Break!

Lazy morning was a big hit.  McKinley and I figured out her Itunes, and she spent $35 on Justin Beiber songs.  Everest played Wii to his heart's content, and Hagen had a nice nap. 

Envelope #2:

Let's go to the Movies! 

Wimpy Kid 2 was playing just a block away.  We walked down and met our friends there at 1:25 for an afternoon showing.  I took my chances and brought the baby along.  I filled his snack cup with chocolate goldfish and we were set!  The ticket guy did say I could get my money back if we had to leave early.  But we didn't have to leave, in fact, Hagen did remarkably well, and even fell asleep.  I only missed the last 7 minutes or so of the movie. Once the baby discovered he could get out of the stroller and run around, I decided to take him into the lobby to play.

It was a great movie.  The kids loved it, and had fun watching it from the very front row.  The theatre was pretty much empty, but that's where they wanted to sit.  I love watching my kids watch movies.  I love seeing what makes them laugh, and to see which jokes they get, and which ones go over their heads.  Good times!

We ended the day playing with friends and having dinner together at their house.  By the end of the night Hagen was begging at the door to go home so he could go to bed.  The big kids and I watched American Idol results and waited for Daddy to get home from his overnight business trip.

Another perfect day!

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