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Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Mom's Peeps Memory

Peeps, peeps, peeps!  What is an Easter Basket without them? When I was young, I remember wanting a whole box of my own like my neighbor got in her basket.  Instead, my parents broke the little rows of chicks  into parts that I had to share with my three siblings.  My parents were always so good about buying a box in every color, so that we could each have a couple of each color. I vividly remember the pink chick ones were my favorite, while yellow and lavender held a close second. 

Even though we had to share, the Peeps tasted just as sweet!  I still remember how the sugar coating crunched just a bit before my teeth sunk into the soft marshmallow center.  Sometimes I would see how long I could suck on one until the sugar coating melted away and I was left with just the marshmallow-y middle.  That of course made them last a little longer!

When my daughter was just over a year old I made her an Easter basket of her own.  I know I over compensated for having to share my Peeps by filling her basket with several boxes in all the colors.  I even made sure her cousins had plenty in their baskets so that she would not have to share with them!  I have great pictures of her in her best Easter dress and little piggy tails enjoying her first Peep... pink of course! 

Now my family has grown, and we have three kids and three baskets to fill.  I like to color coordinate their Peeps with their basket grass.  My daughter gets lavender grass with pink Peeps, my middle son gets green grass with yellow Peeps, and my baby boy will get his first box of blue Peeps atop a pile of yellow grass.  I get excited just thinking about the cute pictures we will take...

One fun thing my parents did was hide the individual Peeps inside plastic eggs.  What a fun surprise during our egg hunt!  The plastic eggs always sounded empty at first, but when you cracked them open, there was a Peep inside! I think I'll try that for my kids this year...

I just asked my ten year old daughter what she thinks of when she thinks of Peeps.  She answered, "a fluffy white piece of heaven covered in pink!"  How's that for being descriptive?

Now I look for Peeps in the stores around every holiday.  We have Peeps at Christmastime and Halloween, but nothing beats the original yellow chick Peeps!  Did you know Peeps has a website with a fun store?  Here's the link: 

What's your favorite Peeps memory?  Do you have a favorite color?  I'd love to hear about it!

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