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Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 Tips For Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love a baby shower?  How much fun it is to honor the new Mommy-to-be by showering her with gifts!  We all gather around while she opens her gifts, and we “ohh” and “ahh” at the tiny little socks and onesies.  It’s as if we have never seen a baby before, and this one will be our very first glimpse of one!  What a joy!

Are you looking for new ideas to make a baby shower fun and exciting?  I have given dozens of baby showers, and here are 10 of my tips for planning a unique one.

10 Tips For Planning a Unique Baby Shower:

#1- Pick a theme that represents the Mommy's style, or her nursery decor.  I am going to a shower this weekend that will have a seashell theme.  The Mommy-to-be is decorating the nursery with seashells, and that theme will carry over to the shower.  I'm sure some of the gifts will also follow this theme.

#2- Pick an invitation that will make a statement and introduce the theme.  

Here's a sneak peek of a few...

#3- Besides date, time, and place, be sure and include where the Mommy-to-be is registered.  Also mention any nursery themes and colors.

#4- When you order the invites, pick a set of matching Thank You Notes for the Mommy-to-be.  Set a basket out with the blank envelopes at the door, and as guests arrive, have them fill out their address so the new Mommy won’t have to hunt them down later.  Afterall, she will have much better things to do! :)

#5- Of course all Baby Showers must have GAMES!  The last baby shower I went to had a couple of them that I loved.  The guests were required to chew up a piece of bubblegum and shape a baby out of the chewed gum.  It was hilarious to see all the different creations!  Another fun game is a quiz where you match the Hollywood Star with their baby's name.  Example:  Gweneth Paltrow would match up with Apple. 

#6- When planning the menu for the shower, keep it light.  Ladies enjoy mingling much more than eating!  Remember to serve a little something salty and a little something sweet.  Petit fours are always perfect.  They are pre-cut, decorated, and oh so yummy! 

#7- It can be fun to ask guests to wear something special to the shower.  For example, I once went to a "Fancy Hat" shower.  We all wore our fanciest hats.  It may be as simple as asking guests to wear a certain color that matches the nursery.  Or maybe all pink or all blue depending on the baby's gender.  It sure makes all the pictures come out nicely.

#8- Take lots of pictures!  I liked having pictures of all the gifts I opened at my shower, and of all the guests present.  It is so fun for my daughter to look back and see what she received at her baby shower, and who was there.  I also have pictures of the decorations, food, and the games!

#9- Pamper the Mommy-to-be and spoil her at her shower.  Give her a little bell to ring whenever she needs something.  Tell her the bell is hers to keep so that her family will only be a "ring-a-ling" away when she needs them after the baby is born. 

#10-It is always nice to give your guests a little something as they leave.  Some nice party favors include pastel colored candies, little boxes with truffles inside, a small hand lotion (baby powder scent), and small candles. 

I hope these tips were helpful to you!


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Joy Hoff said...

Thanks for the tips! Especially liked the part about ladies eating light ~ that's the plan tomorrow :)